Tax Dollars Still Funding Abortion Business

 46 % of the total Planned Parenthood budget comes from taxpayer dollars in the form of government funding.

That is about to change… FOR THE WORSE!!

When ObamaCare goes into full effect, the money that President Obama’s birth control/abortion pill mandate will place in Planned Parenthood coffers will provide America’s number one abortion mill even more resources.  Planned Parenthood did 330,000 abortions last year.  That’s just short of 1,000 little children every single day of the year!

Estimates show that amounts to about $154 Million dollars in abortion income for Planned Parenthood.  Their total budget was $1.04 billion and a net profit of 18.5 million dollars.

And we should give this organization MORE tax dollars?

More information is available in these two articles.  Both definitely worth the time to read.

46% of Planned Parenthood budget is Tax Dollars

ObamaCare will add funding to Planned Parenthood

***Gordon Howie is a nationally syndicated author and CEO of Life and Liberty Media***

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